All About Us

Lynn Tucker - Owner, Manager, Meet Director and Competitive Coach - Lynn started TNT 20 years ago in hopes of helping children to grow and learn by keeping active and healthy while building self esteem and confidence in a family atmosphere. Lynn ran the gym while raising a family of five beautiful woman. All five of her girls grew up at TNT and became coaches. Each one of her daughters helped build and nurture TNT, making all of them a huge asset to TNT. Thousands of children have come in over the years with each one of them being special. In addition, Lynn has 25 years of coaching experience. She has been through the Professional Development Program Levels 1 & 2. 

Sonya Gregg - Recreational Coach/Director, Party Planner - Sonya returns to coaching after taking 5 years off to raise her family. She is the eldest of the Tucker Ladies. She coached recreational gymnastics for 10 years prior to taking time off. 

Jeanna Tucker - Competitive Coach  - The first level 10 in Washington County since 1996. Jeanna made it to level 10 in 2010. She is a proud mom of two active little boys. She has been coaching full time since 2011.

Melissa Gonzalez - Competitive Coach -
Melissa competed for 13 years in competitive gymnastics. She has coached for 9+ years, with 5 as a competitive coach. Melissa is the mom of a fiery little girl.

Casey Tucker - Cheer Coach & Competitive Coach, Xcel - Casey started her gymnastics career at the age of 9 months old. She did gymnastics for over 15 years and then made the jump to competitive cheerleading. She has competed up to level 3 in Cheer and level 8 in gymnastics. Casey is returning to coaching after some time away from the gym. 

Brandy Scruto - Recreational & Competitive Coach, Levels 1 & 2 - Brandy has been with TNT for 11 years. She coaches both recreational and levels 1&2. Brandy is the mother to two amazing gymnasts: Kyleigh, level 7, and Brianna, level 8.

Lisa Garcia - Recreational & Competitive Coach, Levels 1 & 2 -
Lisa assists Coach Brandy with the recreational classes and with coaching the feisty level 1's & 2's. Lisa is also the proud mom of Selena, Level 6. 

Steph Fink - Recreational / Cheer Coach
Steph has always loved doing handstands and cartwheels. Even as a child running around the house, her mother remembers seeing her feet more than her face! Steph took 2 years of gymnastics in elementary school , and then also competed on gymnastics team in high school, and loved it ! She went on to compete in cheerleading in high school and an All-star cheerleading squad as well. Since the age of 20, Steph has taught children in pre-school and has been a recreational gymnastics coach for 4years now , as well as an all-star cheerleading coach. Her passion is working with children to teach not only gymnastics and cheer, but life skills.

Sabrina Miller - Competitive Coach -
Sabrina has experience coaching softball, cheerleading and now gymnastics. She assists Melissa with coaching the Level 3's and Excel. Sabrina is mother to gymnast, Kierra, a level 6. She also has an 18 year old son. Sabrina loves working with the children and watching them grow and succeed. 

Note: Each coach has gone through a background check. They are all first aid / CPR certified as well as safety certified.