Registration / Financial Questions

Do I put my child in beginner’s gymnastics if she has experience that she has learned on her own?

  • No, put your child in a class for children with experience. The instructor will determine if this is a good fit. If not, we will switch your child to a class that is more suitable for his/her skill level.

If I pay for a month and my child doesn't finish the month do I get a refund ?

  • No, refunds are not available.

Can I come to see the facility?

  • Yes, Wednesday or Thursday nights between 6pm and 7pm

Can I do a make-up for missed classes?

  • Yes, you may attend a similar class on another day within the same month.

Are there openings?

  • Look on the web registration to see what is open or enter your child on a waiting list.

I am nervous about entering my credit card on file.

  • Our registration website is secure. None of our staff, including the owner, can see your credit card info.

May I try a class?

  • Yes, you can try a class for a small fee for one night

May I pay week to week?

  • No, you must pay for one month

May I pay for a full year?

  • Yes, you may pay a full year’s tuition in advance. You will receive a discount for paying one year in advance.

  • Does your gym do recitals or shows?

 Yes, the recreational classes do two shows a year – one in December and one in June

Can I do more than one class a week?

  • Yes, the price does not change.

May I do more than one program?

  • Yes, your child can do more than one program and there will be a discount for this

What type of discounts do you offer?

  • We offer discounts for paying one year in advance, for registering for more than one type of program and for registering more than 2 children
  • When registering 3 children, the first two children are full price and the third child will be half price
  • When registering 4 children, the fourth child is free.

 Cheer / Gymnastics Questions

How do I get on a competitive team?

  • The Competitive Team is a yearly commitment. The season generally runs from May through the following April. Around the month of March, we evaluate the recreational students and we will invite children to try out for the competitive team. Tryouts are mandatory to make the team.

What should my gymnast wear?

  • Gymnasts should were a Leotard. We do we sell leotards on site in our Pro Shop.


Do they wear socks and shoes?

  • Gymnastics is a bare foot sport. Cheerleaders wear socks and shoes.

How do we know which shoe to buy?

  • One the first night of cheer, the instructor will let you know.