Competitive Gymnastics

TNT offers two different types of competitive artistic gymnastics. 

Competition season runs from approximately September to May. Our competitive gymnasts train year round though, so be ready for a commitment and a come with a hardworking, competitive spirit!

Any person without prior competition experience interested in competition must be evaluated by one of our certified coaches to be placed on the level equivalent to their skills. 

Try outs are held annually between April and May.***

What is devolopmental program, formerly known as junior olympics? 

Junior Olympics program was developed with the belief that all athletes, regardless of their potential, must have a solid foundation of basic skills in order to advance safely. The program allows the gymnast to advance at her own pace, competing in more than one level in a year, if she so chooses. The Women's Junior Olympic Program is divided into three major segments: development, compulsory and optional. This is an invitation only training program Levels 1-10 in USA Gymnastics. The minimum age to compete Junior Olympics is age 4.  

What is the Xcel Program?

The Xcel Program is designed to offer a broad-based, affordable competitive experience outside the traditional Jr. Olympic Program to attract and retain a diverse group of athletes. The Xcel Program competes at several meets throughout the season as well as at the Maryland State Meet. In addition, the Xcel Programs offers the flexibility of shorter practice hours. The minimum age to compete xcel is age 5.

*** Please note if you have prior competition experience and are considering switching over to TNT from a different gym, we can work with you at any point in the season to accommodate this. Don't hesitate to call us!